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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just a digital witch traveling the grid of Second Life trying to take the prettiest pictures I can.
You can find me on that flickr place too.
For the interested:
- I use Firestorm as my primary viewer in-world with graphic settings ramped up to max during shoots.

-I do a lot of Windlight fiddling during shoots, trying to find a nice look in-world, before I do a lot of "shopping" post shoot. (Windlight is the lighting system in SL, for those who are unfamiliar.)

- Gimp is my editor of choice, not only because I'm cheap and its free, but also because I was an early adopter of the open-source and free-software movement.

- My editing philosophy is: "Get as much as you can in camera. Editing is for cleanup." Generally, I only do color-fixing/tuning, cropping, and glitch fixing post shoot.
I don't know that I'll be sharing much in this space. Perhaps as I get my momentum going, I'll find some added impetus to do so. I think my pictures would do more to illustrate my emotional state better than some journal writing. But then, who knows.

Certainly, though, I can use this to air my  process and some of the things I'm learning and figuring out as I go.

For instance. I'm now watermarking my pictures. Not so much because I'm afraid of the pictures getting plagiarized (if you're an asshole, you're going to steal, and I'll deal with you at that time). Rather, and this could just be my twisted view of the world, I think the mark lends a certain air of professionalism.

As to the mark itself, I'm not sure I'm completely down with the mark as I've got it now and I think I'll work on it some more. Perhaps simplify it to just the lettering.

See, that's the sort of thing I'll subject people to in a journal. The thoughts and pondering that only I would find interesting in the slightest.


Forty Six and 2
It's about the struggle in change.

It's about saying farewell to a beloved old system and hoping to fall in love as deeply with the new one. We change, we transition, we evolve. Sometimes we have to fight through darkness to arrive at that new place.

I waited for Bento. I wanted to be able to shape my face, rescue as much of my look as I could. The change to a Bento head was stymied, though, by the lack of a skin that I could adore as much as I adored my old one. And then I saw Angi's photography and her new skin in demo. I was immediately hooked. I wouldn't be the "same", I always knew that would never happen, but I'd be somewhere similar. I wouldn't lose myself. In some ways, I would be better.

My Second life transition to a new look parallels some very dark and frightening First Life changes. A new city, trying to find new work, and struggling not to succumb to the constant spectre of depression and anxiety as I try to keep my head above water. Despair seems to be my constant companion these days. I will never be the same, if I survive. But I hope I will be better.

In another instance of art mirroring life, this piece was a struggle to put together. It began as a much more violent idea and the thought of making a video. I had to break myself down to just a photo for right now, and even then producing and editing have nearly broken me. This photo was intended to be much bloodier and darker, but faced with my own limited experience in fine photo editing and the lack of proper tools (especially a tablet) I had to break down again after days of failed attempts at producing the effects I had in my head and simplify yet more.

On the bright side, I'm in the Ira Glass gap. I have taste. I can tell my work is still not great, I see the potential but I still have that journey ahead of me, where what I want, what I expect, meets what I'm making. And every piece I produce teaches me something new.

The score:
Old Skin: Pulse - Lace Creame no. 1 (I miss you Lorac)
New Skin Session - Fae 01

Body: Maitreya - Lara
Head: Catwa - Kimberly
Hair: Truth -  Fenella
Eyes: Fate
Mask: YUMESH- Mask 05, textured with my old skin

LumiPro for studio lighting. Windlight for backdrop lighting.
My evolution for driving me.
Tool for the soundtrack.
It's all in the anticipation.

Taken at Angel of Pain:

Windlight for shade. Lumipro highlights the tension.
Shades Corporeal
Flexing the greyscale muscles. Also, a first look at my new mesh, though, the photo expressing that change is still a work in progress. I just have to post something. It's an addiction.

Taken at Angel of Pain:

Windlight and Lumipro for dramatic shade, Gimp for light correction, my art addiction for need.
The calm in my storm
Her submission brings peace to my soul.

Windlight for cool, Lumipro to make her shine, my legs as the cage, my nothing for calm.

Taken at Angel of Pain:
She Sings Down the Sun
It was an old ritual when she was young and she has performed it a thousand thousand times. For all her years, she could not put aside the farewell to the sun.

She has exchanged buckskin and fur for leather and jeans. Wound copper over magnets and amplifier have replaced the bone flute and hide drum. But the song is still sung to the beating heart.


This image was going to be a lot more involved. I battered myself against various additions and modifications, but they all detracted from the simplicity of the ritual it represents and the loneliness of the last member of a long dead clan.

Windlight for the setting sun. An old, personal tale for days of old.


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